Logs, Wind And Sun
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        The lure of this particular book is the beauty and self sufficiency of a log home.  The writers are also the builders of the home, Rex and LaVonne Ewing.  Truly they have created a home worthy of  a home beautiful article.

        Admitedly, most people dont have the skill set that these two individuals have.  However, even they ran into areas of expertise that they had to get others to help out with or do for them.

         The information written between the covers of this book is very helpful whether you are reading the book for the fun of it; or, whether you are truly contemplating building a log home.

          I particularily liked the parts on how to use solar power, wind power and even on how to utilize radiant heat to help cut down on how much heat you need from other sources.  There a lots of tips that cut down on a home builders frustating and costly errors.  I also adored the fact that they utilized nature and planned to make their home “fit” the environment that they chose to build in!

          As the world becomes more and more dependent on oil/gas supplies; i found this book to be an inspiration.  If more people could use some of these alternatives when designing/building their homes…it could really make an impact on the world economy as well as a can do spirit. 

           Even if a person considering building a log home from the ground up doesn’t want the hands on experience…this book would give them lots of ideas to pass along to the contractor/builder to help them get the type of home they want because it gives you options other than the ones that they chose to utilize when they built their log home.  They pass on information such as what worked for them and what didn’t.  

            I loved this book even though i would never build a home from scratch; i know people who would and did (my father built a tri-level home back in the 70′s all on his own).  However, if i had the money to build a log home (i love them) i would use this book as a guide to outsource the type of home i wanted.

          The publisher is PixyJack Press, LLC and it was copyrighted in 2002

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